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Vapor Intrusion

Eurofins Air Toxics Inc. continues to provide comprehensive analytical solutions for Vapor Intrusion assessments. We've analyzed tens of thousands of soil gas, indoor and ambient air samples - let us show you how our 18 years of experience will benefit your projects.

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What we offer

  • Experience: 18 years of air testing expertise and proven performance as the air laboratory for one of the largest New York vapor intrusion investigations - Endicott
  • Data integrity: NELAP certification and state certifications, where applicable
  • Technical expertise: Active involvement in evaluating and designing sampling and analytical protocols to meet the challenges of soil gas and indoor air testing for VI investigations.
  • Media: Continuous investment in canisters, flow controllers, and instrumentation resulting in one of the largest single site media inventories in the country->4400 summa canisters with > 1800 flow controllers.
  • Analytical capacity: Numerous instruments providing simultaneous full scan and SIM analysis to provide useful and defensible data, even in high-level samples
  • Dedicated service: Project managers who will walk you through project set-up

Our Experience

  • Endicott, NY: Chlorinated solvent plume; ATL is primary air/vapor laboratory for investigation and ongoing project; over 7,500 samples analyzed for EPA TO-15 to date.
  • Hartford, IL: Large petroleum plume; ATL is primary air/vapor laboratory for investigation and ongoing monitoring of soil gas, indoor and ambient air; over 13,000 samples analyzed by TO-15 and ASTM D-1946 over a 3-year period; ongoing.
  • Superfund MEW Site, Silicon Valley, CA: EPA ordered assessment for their 5-year review plan; sampled multiple buildings over 6 months; more than 3,000 samples for TO-15 and TO-15 SIM analysis, including TCE at 3 pptv RL; contracted with multiple consulting firms.

Vapor Intrusion Information
Vapor Intrusion
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3 pptv TCE
Simultaneous Full Scan-SIM GC/MS
Level IV Electronic Packages
SEDD 2a, 2b, (Stage 3 coming soon)
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over 4400 canisters
100% Certified Media Trains
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