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Eurofins Air Toxics Inc. provides creative, customized, defensible solutions for air testing. Founded in 1989, we specialize in air analysis using a wide range of EPA, ASTM, CARB, and other standard methods. Whether your project requires pptv level analysis for vapor intrusion assessment or the quantification of compounds in a high-level source, Eurofins Air Toxics' select and experienced staff consistently provides excellent service and quality data.

With our commitment to data integrity and investment in advanced instrumentation and technologies, coupled with innovative research and development, Eurofins Air Toxics is your air and vapor expert.

Unparalleled technical capabilities

  • 100% QC validation on all TO-15 data
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation - simultaneous Low Level and Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM) analyses
  • Parts-per-trillion detection limits
  • In-depth technical support provided; from understanding guidance documents to establishing the best analytical approach to meet data objectives
  • 100% pass rate achieved in each of the three rounds of the Scott Specialty Gases' Air Performance Testing program

Specialized products make the difference

  • Sampling manifolds for purging and leak testing
  • Advanced canister cleaning and certification technology
  • GC/MS certification of complete sample train, supporting legally defensible data
  • Expedited TAT, up to Same Day TAT available
  • Electronic Comprehensive Level IV Data Validation Packages

Media that's ready when you are

  • Greater than 4,200 can inventory
  • Certified flow controllers
  • Rush cans available (overnight and 2nd day)
Property Redevelopment

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