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Why Air Toxics

Air Toxics Ltd. provides creative, customized, defensible solutions for air testing. Founded in 1989, we specialize in air analysis using a wide range of EPA, ASTM, NIOSH, CARB, and other standard methods. Whether your project requires pptv level analysis for vapor intrusion assessment or the quantification of compounds in a high-level source, Air Toxics' select and experienced staff consistently provides excellent service and quality data.

With our commitment to data integrity and investment in advanced instrumentation and technologies, coupled with innovative research and development, Air Toxics is your air and vapor expert.

Results Matter: Ask us for a copy of our Performance Test results from a nationwide program.

Sampling : Important Reminders
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  • Offer affordable, appropriate solutions
  • Provide in-depth technical support
  • Hold Proper certifications, including CA/NY WBE
  • Maintain Advanced Instrumentation
  • Conduct Innovative Research
  • Posess Long-Term Experience


  • GC/MS media certification of complete sample train
  • Reliable Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Defensible results
  • Web access to full set of project deliverables
  • Peace of mind to proceed with confidence

Next Steps:

  • Evaluate our Solutions
  • Review our Experience
  • Call your Air Toxics' Project Manager
  • The Facts:

  • >4400 canisters, > 1800 flow controllers
  • We certify 100% of the sample train
  • We retain degreed analysts/scientists
  • Results matter, ask for a copy of our Performance Testing results
  • >18 years focused on air